Back from Camp!

Just got back today from Camp Holiday Trails! I had an amazing time over the past two weeks. I loved seeing my old friends and making new ones. It is a very special place for me, because everyone there has a unique story, but none of them let obstacles stand in their way.

This year they added a wood shop to the facilities, and I learned how to build a birdhouse.

To observe Friday the 13th, we had an event called “Halloween on the Hill”. We heard a fascinating story about Lucie Goodwin who died on the camp property during the Civil War. What camping experience would be complete without some ghost stories?

We had our own version of the Olympics. My favorite event is called “Gold Rush”, when we race using the camp golf carts (for those who have a harder time being mobile) to complete a scavenger hunt. Each cart has a spotter, and a hopper.  The spotters point out the objects, and the hoppers jump off and collect them. I love seeing how excited my spotter friends get while we race through the course!

In the talent show I was nervous to perform Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep”.  I had been practicing at home before I left for camp, and I received a standing ovation.

I can climb the camp’s Rockwall in under a minute. The Rockwall is awesome because even my wheelchair friends can participate with the assistance of a special vest.

I received the “Crazy Climbing Crooner” award… I’m not sure it existed before, but I’ll take it!

The highlight of the two weeks is when we sit in a circle and talk about what we are thankful for in our lives. While I am so blessed with my life, I am always touched by the medical journeys of other kids. They are inspiring and drive me to continue my desire to raise awareness for Children with medical needs.