68 and Rainy Does Not Move a lot of Lemonade

Alec at the LemonAID StandIt’s a little discouraging that in a summer with temperatures routinely over 100 degrees, the temperature on day one of the LemonAID stand is 68…  And it’s raining.

Late yesterday, I got a call from my agent to do a photoshoot for Junior Achievement down in Richmond.  She has been hustling to find stuff for me, and I didn’t want to let her down, but this put me in a bind for Children’s Miracle Network.  My brother Alec stepped up!  He’s manning the stand all day today.  He’s cold, and wet, and I want to thank him for covering for me!

Alec, you’re the BEST!

I’ll be at the stand all day tomorrow, on Sunday.  In the meantime, please go say hello to my brother at the Walmart on Route 17, and make a donation.  Do it for the cold, wet kid!