Thursday’s Weekend Kickoff

Last night started the first night of my three concert run at Celebrate Virginia Live. It was a very HOT day and night, but even in the heat, we had a lot of fun.

The night started with Elby Brass. They are a Fredericksburg local Street Brass Band. When Seth dropped off the cd’s after the show to sell at our CVL Merchandise Table, he was telling us how they started. Their music was really cool. It was a combination of Marching Band, New Orleans Jazz (mom said that), and that old music you hear your grandparents play and they say, “this is what music use to sound like when you used instruments not all that screeching”.

Like I said in my previous post, I was not sure who Bruce Hornsby was, or what to expect. I love the piano and he has mad skills. My mom kept saying I know you know this song. It sounded vagully familiar but I mostly nodded my head and paid attention to how awesome he was on that piano. He made me want to go and start taking lessons.

I am really excited for tonight. I can not wait to see Darius. I will be there early for set up and help get things started. I hope our dunk tank and bull will be there tonight. If you still haven’t bought your tickets, you MUST. This weekend is going to be incredible with Darius and Daughtry. Remember to stop by and say Hi!

See you at the show!