Catching Up

It has been a few days since I have had any updates. I was exhausted after last weekend’s concerts. I loved how many people stopped by the Project 324 Dunk Tank and Bull and asked “Are you Megs in the ‘Burg? I read your blog.” That was so cool. We raised a lot of money for Project 324 last weekend. Thank you!

Daughtry put on a great show. There is a big difference between Rock and Country Star personalities. The crowd at Celebrate Virginia Live was huge. We need this kind of support all year long for all the concerts.

I can’t believe the last concert of the season is Friday.  I have met some great people (Dave, Nate, Matt H, Matt M, Dr. Ray, Dawn, Mike, Brian, Ms. Rita, Chelsea, Leah, Shanda, Michelle, all the security guys, event staff, and volunteers).  I will miss everyone until next season. I hope everyone will say thank you to those in Red and Blue shirts. They are all volunteers who help to make each season a success.

Several folks asked me how a little girl got involved in charity work. I do it because I love it and I enjoy making a difference. I pick charities that are personal to me.

Children’s Hospital and Miracle Network provide comfort, treatment, and hope for all illnesses. That means so much to me since not everyone fits into a category for fundraising. Project 324 is about helping to fund programs in our community that center around music and performing arts. My dream is to be an entertainer. My goal is to go into broadcasting and have my own talk show. I am sure lots of kids have a similar dream and Project 324 will help them get there.