Movie Review – Hotel Transylvania

I have been waiting all week to see the new movie Hotel Transylvania with Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez. My mom  and I decided to see the 3D version at Regal Theaters. The 3D version was an EYE popping experience 🙂 I really enjoyed the movie because it was original and not the same old Halloween stories year after year. It was a story about an over protective vampire dad and his beloved daughter. His daughter just wants to see the world. Her dad is afraid the “humans” will hurt her. In the movie it was fun to see all the friends and family of the vampires (Frankenstein,  Wolfie (Wolfman), Invisible man, and the mummy). You will have a fun time trying to recognize the characters voices. It was a great family movie and I highly recommended everyone go and see it soon.



Catching Up!

I have been very busy since school started and have not kept up with my blog. Middle School is awesome. I am really loving my teachers and my classes. I have more homework than I thought, but I am managing. I have only had one headache and a stomach bug…fingers crossed.

Last weekend my mom and I accomplished another personal goal. We participated in the Children’s Hospital Foundation 4 Mile Walk/Run. My mom broke her tailbone last year and this was her first big walk. We started out slow. My knees started bothering me after mile 1 but I wanted to keep going. I think we were successful because we used this time to just talk and when I thought I couldn’t finish mom had me sing my camp songs. Before you knew it we were past mile 3. When I saw the finish line in my site I just ran. It was such a great feeling. I love when I meet a new milestone, but this one was great because I did it with my mom.

Children’s Hospital Foundation of Richmond has some great events coming up. Take a peek and get involved.

Megs ♥

Dear Mean Girls

Dear Mean Girls of the World,

Acting better than everyone does not make you cool. Please don’t talk down to us. You don’t have to taunt or be mean to us in front of other people. It really is embarrassing…for you. Clothes don’t make the girl, your personality does. Acting ugly is not attractive. Maybe you are going through something in your life. Maybe you feel that this behavior will make you look stronger to others, but really it doesn’t.

Trust me life is short and don’t waste all your energy being nasty to others. We want to be your friend we want to include you in our lives. You make that impossible when you are constantly making everyone compete against each other. Everyone has his or her strengths and weaknesses. You should not make fun of other people to get a laugh. This just makes you a “Bully” and the world does not need another one of those.

Some day we will grow up and these days will be behind us, but some wounds will not heal. Hatred and ugliness can scar you. It can make you not trust people and make it harder to make friends. When you grow up you don’t want to look back on these days and say, “I was such a brat”. Make good memories. Build friendships. We are young. You have time to change. Until you do, we don’t have a place for that behavior in our lives.

Megs ♥

Last weekend of summer

Love this time of year. Summer is over but I am excited to make new friends and catch up with everyone I have missed over the summer when school starts Tuesday.

I found out at open house my best friend from preschool is in my homeroom. We have seen each other occasionally over the years, but being together everyday is going to be Fantastic!

I started organizing all my binders and folders. Still not sure I understand these yellow and green days, but I am always up for a challenge.

I was hoping to swim these last few days of summer, but the weather is not cooperating. I did get a call from my brother at college. He is doing great. I have an audition to prepare for so that is what I will be doing for the next couple of days. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. I can’t share more about it right now, but I haven’t been this excited to act in a long time.

Have a great weekend…be safe.

Megs xoxo