Catching Up!

I have been very busy since school started and have not kept up with my blog. Middle School is awesome. I am really loving my teachers and my classes. I have more homework than I thought, but I am managing. I have only had one headache and a stomach bug…fingers crossed.

Last weekend my mom and I accomplished another personal goal. We participated in the Children’s Hospital Foundation 4 Mile Walk/Run. My mom broke her tailbone last year and this was her first big walk. We started out slow. My knees started bothering me after mile 1 but I wanted to keep going. I think we were successful because we used this time to just talk and when I thought I couldn’t finish mom had me sing my camp songs. Before you knew it we were past mile 3. When I saw the finish line in my site I just ran. It was such a great feeling. I love when I meet a new milestone, but this one was great because I did it with my mom.

Children’s Hospital Foundation of Richmond has some great events coming up. Take a peek and get involved.

Megs ♥