Movie Review – Hotel Transylvania

I have been waiting all week to see the new movie Hotel Transylvania with Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez. My mom  and I decided to see the 3D version at Regal Theaters. The 3D version was an EYE popping experience 🙂 I really enjoyed the movie because it was original and not the same old Halloween stories year after year. It was a story about an over protective vampire dad and his beloved daughter. His daughter just wants to see the world. Her dad is afraid the “humans” will hurt her. In the movie it was fun to see all the friends and family of the vampires (Frankenstein,  Wolfie (Wolfman), Invisible man, and the mummy). You will have a fun time trying to recognize the characters voices. It was a great family movie and I highly recommended everyone go and see it soon.