Time to Make a Difference

I really need to get better about keeping up with my blog. I have been busy just trying to keep up with sixth grade. I am loving school, but it takes a lot for me to keep everything balanced and organized. I had my first project in history. It was on the Westward Expansion. I decided to do a scrapbook. My grandma loves to scrapbook and she has an amazing craft room. My mom helped me with the supplies and away I went. My teacher said it was the best he has ever seen. He even sent my mom a message. She took pictures I will have her post. Halloween was a blast. I went to my first Halloween party. I was a Bat Princess. I wanted to be Bat Girl, but they were sold out. We made it through Hurricane Sandy, but it was so sad to see what has happened to New York and New Jersey. I love New York and hate seeing so many people suffering.

This is a very busy part of the year for everyone. Christmas is coming but it is important that we think of others. Even if it is just giving your time to help. I love seeing all the ways you can help. I have my favorites, but if I could, I would work to help them all. Mom says the best way for me to help them all is to help people get involved. Remember…every dollar makes a difference.

Love to all…