Just a regular girl with a few health problems. Nothing that I let stand in my way. I like a challenge. I know my limitations, but I don’t let my medical issues limit me.

All of these obstacles have just made me aware that I might have a few problems, but someone will always have it worse than me. Through my medical journey I have been introduced to so many children facing medical challenges. They are not all well known conditions. This made me realize that I have a VOICE that needs to be HEARD. I need to bring awareness to all children with medical conditions. As an child advocate for Children’s Hospital Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network of Richmond, I am helping to bring awareness.

Through my advocacy work I have met some great people and organizations. I am now lending my voice to support Project 324 as the Celebrate Virginia Jr. Officer in Command. The goal is to provide aid and support to Virginians through art and culture in our schools and our community. Keeping the performing arts in our schools is a priority.

Life is a journey, not a destination… I am not going to sit still and wait to grow up to make a difference.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. You are an inspiration Megan. I am going to the Foreigner concert on Friday I hope to see you there and be able to find ya and say Hi! Keep up the AWESOME work!

  2. Fredericksburg is lucky to have such a talented girl touch the hearts and souls of children young AND old. You’re an inspiration to us all and proof that no one has to wait around for their ideal job to land in their lap. Dreams are what you make of them. Carpe diem, Megan!

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