Bret Michaels IS something to believe in!


I have been very fortunate in my role as Junior Officer in Command at Celebrate Virginia Live to meet some wonderful artists. I have enjoyed sharing their stories on my blog and how they have used their success to pay it forward.

Last night was one of the first times I actually became emotional when meeting an artist. When I met Bret Michaels I felt my eyes fill with water and a lump form in my throat. We have both been through similar things medically and just sharing that bond and talking about friends and family with diabetes overwhelmed me. I think if he had time we would have talked for hours. He gives big hugs that just make you feel comforted.

My mom summed it up and said, “He is truly genuine”. I had to ask her what that means. She explained that it means you believe in the message you are spreading and really care about the impact you are making and the people you are touching.

Every winter my Children’s Hospital /Children’s Miracle Network of Richmond holds a Radio-A-Thon. Last year Darius Rucker and The Band Perry gave me items to donate to the silent auction. I was thrilled when Bret Michaels signed a “Chance Dog” for this year’s event. Bret said he was touched I was thinking of others.

I know a lot of people think I am “lucky” because I attend all these concerts and stand on stage with the radio stations, but for me it is about bringing the community together. It’s about giving back and being thankful for all I have been through. I can bring awareness. I have a VOICE that needs to be HEARD!

That is why Project 324 is important to me. Project 324 is about bringing the arts and the community together. Giving kids a chance to live a dream by getting on stage and singing the National Anthem, or a local band getting a venue to showcase their music. Project 324 is about paying it forward. Giving those in our community a chance to use their talents to make a difference in the world. Helping a filmmaker finish that film, providing a scholarship for a child to take music lessons, sponsoring a sports team, or inviting local charities to spread their messages. Every person who comes out to a show is part of making a difference.

Rocking out an RV with Bret is still on my “Bucket List”, but I am not lucky I am blessed that I am part of a family at CVL that allows me to help pay if forward and promote the spirit of giving back to our community through Project 324. You are never too young to make a difference.



“How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment; we can start now, start slowly changing the world!” – Anne Frank (diary entry, 1944)


This and That….

Happy New Year! I know I am only a few weeks late. I haven’t been feeling great lately. Apparently the flu shot did not prevent ME from getting the flu. I will be happy when winter is over and summer can begin. I only like winter if we are going to have lots and lots of snow.

School has been kicking my butt. When I am sick I miss a lot and that means I must make up a lot of extra work. It seems every teacher decided to give us major projects that are all due around the same time. That does not equal fun. Even my brother in college says I have more work than he ever had in school. I love projects but 4 at one time is a lot even for me. Thankfully my math teacher (who is the BEST) did not assign one yet.

I started basketball before the holidays. My doctor finally gave me the okay, but only if I did not over do it. I will say it has been a challenge. I am not sure if it is because I had a two games right after the flu, or if this is a little more exhausting than I had imagined. I love the sport and I am being careful. My coach is great about letting me rest when I need it.

Spring and Summer are fun because that is when my charity activities really pick up. Children’s Hospital Foundation is having the 19th Annual Bowl-A-Thon on February 9th, 2013 at AMF Shrader Lanes in Richmond. Last year I had a team with several of my friends because the event was on my birthday. Instead of a party everyone donated to the hospital. I have not been feeling well and decided this year to just make a donation. I would love if all the local businesses created a team or made a donation. It really is a lot of fun. Just contact my friend Stephanie Allan at 804-228-5827 or for more information about registering a team or becoming a sponsor.

I am really getting excited for this summer’s concert series at Celebrate Virginia Live. The line up has not been announced, but hints have been given and we should have some amazing acts. I a meeting with the crew soon to help put together the plan for Project 324. I have a lot of ideas that I hope we can make happen. I would love a pink radio and a t-shirt shooter this year. If you have not purchased a season pass, I would get one SOON. I have a feeling this year will be BIG and you will want to be up close and personal.

Time to head out with mom to arrange my birthday celebration for this year. I know I say I will keep up with my blog and I am trying. I promise to get better. I just have to make it through all this school work first.


Catching Up!

I have been very busy since school started and have not kept up with my blog. Middle School is awesome. I am really loving my teachers and my classes. I have more homework than I thought, but I am managing. I have only had one headache and a stomach bug…fingers crossed.

Last weekend my mom and I accomplished another personal goal. We participated in the Children’s Hospital Foundation 4 Mile Walk/Run. My mom broke her tailbone last year and this was her first big walk. We started out slow. My knees started bothering me after mile 1 but I wanted to keep going. I think we were successful because we used this time to just talk and when I thought I couldn’t finish mom had me sing my camp songs. Before you knew it we were past mile 3. When I saw the finish line in my site I just ran. It was such a great feeling. I love when I meet a new milestone, but this one was great because I did it with my mom.

Children’s Hospital Foundation of Richmond has some great events coming up. Take a peek and get involved.

Megs ♥

Summer Wrap Up

Summer is coming to a close and the last few weeks have been wonderful. I wrapped up the Celebrate Virginia Concert Series. I can’t wait until next year. If you missed it check out the CVL Rewind at Fredericksburg Live. I love being apart of Project 324.

After the last show, I headed down to Florida to see my family. I really enjoyed singing for my grandma. My Pop was moving along great. I am glad he is doing better. I was really scared after his stroke last year.

I went on an airboat to check out the alligators. Well…it is the scariest thing EVER. Watching Gator Boys or Swamp People on TV is one thing, having the gator swim up to your boat and you are inches off the water is another. I crossed it off my bucket list and do not need to do that again. We also went to the Miami Seaquarium. I really love dolphins. I didn’t get to swim with them, but It was exciting to see dolphins performing with a Killer Whale. It was a very hot day. I was glad to get back and go swimming with my cousin. I pretty much spent the whole week in the water. I love to swim. My Aunt said we were developing gills. We watched a lot of Olympics.

Last weekend I participated in the Feature Film “Senior Prank”. I was part of the Homecoming scene. I am very proud of this movie because it is about anti-bullying. I have been bullied in the past and I think it is very important to spread awareness. Some kids think that picking on someone else and calling it “joking” is not bullying. Well it is!  Grandma says, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

My brother leaves for college this week. I know we fight a lot but I will really miss him. My mom is going to be a wreck. It will be fun to visit him through the year. I can’t believe 6th grade is only 2 weeks away. I am a little nervous, but I will power through.

Fall starts the busy season for fundraising. Children’s Hospital Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network have several fun events planned.

 I encourage everyone to take a virtual tour of Children’s Hospital of Richmond. Remember…“Every Dollar Makes a Difference”

 More to come….


Catching Up

It has been a few days since I have had any updates. I was exhausted after last weekend’s concerts. I loved how many people stopped by the Project 324 Dunk Tank and Bull and asked “Are you Megs in the ‘Burg? I read your blog.” That was so cool. We raised a lot of money for Project 324 last weekend. Thank you!

Daughtry put on a great show. There is a big difference between Rock and Country Star personalities. The crowd at Celebrate Virginia Live was huge. We need this kind of support all year long for all the concerts.

I can’t believe the last concert of the season is Friday.  I have met some great people (Dave, Nate, Matt H, Matt M, Dr. Ray, Dawn, Mike, Brian, Ms. Rita, Chelsea, Leah, Shanda, Michelle, all the security guys, event staff, and volunteers).  I will miss everyone until next season. I hope everyone will say thank you to those in Red and Blue shirts. They are all volunteers who help to make each season a success.

Several folks asked me how a little girl got involved in charity work. I do it because I love it and I enjoy making a difference. I pick charities that are personal to me.

Children’s Hospital and Miracle Network provide comfort, treatment, and hope for all illnesses. That means so much to me since not everyone fits into a category for fundraising. Project 324 is about helping to fund programs in our community that center around music and performing arts. My dream is to be an entertainer. My goal is to go into broadcasting and have my own talk show. I am sure lots of kids have a similar dream and Project 324 will help them get there.

Big Success for Children’s Miracle Network!

Megs at the LemonAID Stand Weather and last minute scheduling conflicts could not keep us down!  We managed to raise $681 for Children’s Miracle Network over the two days of the LemonAID stand fundraiser.  I’m really happy about that.

My mom and I were out there all day, and even though most people were happy to donate without accepting a drink, we still managed to run through our entire supply.  I want to thank everyone that came out to support the cause!  Your donations will help bring some happiness into the lives of some very sick children.

ZZ Top This!

Hey Everyone! Have you enjoyed the Celebrate Virginia Live concert series so far? It has been a wild ride and I don’t mean just the turns I have taken riding the bull.

I have enjoyed everyone who has performed the first part of the season:

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd and Willie Nelson had songs I didn’t even know I knew. Now I walk around singing, “Mamma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” and hold up my iPhone lighter app to “Free Bird”.
  • Seeing my friends The Band Perry again made my summer. They are full of life and energy and just make everyone in the crowd feel like family. It was great that so many of my friends and neighbors, including my teacher came out for the show. I have loved meeting everyone that stops by to say hi to the Round Up Crew.
  • I have heard my parents play ZZ Top and 3 Doors Down and on their iPods, but seeing them live was amazing. I must say those beards are pretty cool up close. I had fun bringing my dad and brother to the show and they were really impressed with Gretchen Wilson’s ability to rock out.
  • Colt Ford and Lauren Alaina really know how to put on a great show. I had fun Tweeting with Colt encouraging him to Ride the Bull. Watching Lauren rise from American Idol to touring proves Dreams Really Do Come True.

I love having all these artists playing in our back yard. Nothing beats my 10-minute ride to Pavilion, great food (Love my Beach Fries, Frozen Ice and pizza), and friendly environment. I am having the best time representing Project 324. All the money raised when you ride the bull or throw a ball at the dunk tank is helping to keep the performing arts in our community. I dream of being on stage someday, and that is why having access to classes to learn your trade is important. A lot of work goes into making the shows a success. Almost everyone you see working the concerts is a volunteer. Volunteering is important. You shouldn’t wait till you are older to make a difference. Have a voice and make a difference in the lives around you.

The next half of the concert series is going to be exciting. I hope everyone will spread the word and join me at Celebrate Virginia Live this month. I can’t believe we are going to see Justin Moore, Josh Thompson, Bruce Hornsby, Darius Rucker, Daughtry, and my dad’s favorite Foreigner. Make sure you stop by the Thunder 104.5 tent and spin the prize wheel and then head on over and take a ride on the bull and dunk a Round Up Crew member. We love taking photos with the fans, because music means memories. Come make a memory with us.

All the Best ~